10 Tips to Menu Food Photography: Part 1

People are visual beings. Our behaviour is in reaction to what we see. Which is ­­why food photography is an important part of marketing in the hospitality industry. It will trigger the actions of your customers and will heighten sales out of gluttony, temptation or need. But really, that’s advertising in a nutshell. Investing in good photography is an important aspect to your brand aesthetic, but can be tough if you have a very strict budget. So let’s look into some pointers to make your food photography stand out, while help your business’ brand thrive. Join me in taking a look at a series of photography tips and pointers in this 2 part series! My first experience of food photography was when I was working for an organization and was told they wanted food picture on the new menus we were rolling out. The brief was as follows: “We are trying to be ‘transparent’ so we want to have…