From Forest to Restaurants – A guide to Game Meat Serving

Wild game meat. Wild edibles. Wild food. These are not exactly the standard items consumers put on their grocery lists along with onions and potatoes each week, but that is changing. According to some market researchers, consumer demand for large and small game is on the rise. Consumers are increasingly framing their purchasing decisions around health, ethics and moral values. Game Meat Consumption on the Rise Concerns for shoppers include  animal welfare in factory farming, the high level of saturated fats, cholesterol and hormones in beef and environmental sustainability. Meat eaters are turning on to the idea of eating game instead. They are actively seeking out alternative protein sources such as pulses, white meatand fish, and now lab research is attempting to create meat from manmade sources. (That gives new meaning to the term, “tube steak,” doesn’t it?) Regardless, game meat, although once considered “exotic,” is more widely available…