We need a National Labour Strategy

On the one hand, provincial governments are moving to higher and higher percentage increases in minimum wage levels, in an effort to ‘legislate’ prosperity or at least, higher levels of income for Canadians. On the other hand, businesses are reacting, well, in a business-like way, by cutting costs and jobs. After all, the other option, raising prices, really isn’t an option. Consumers are very price-sensitive, and companies know that a price increase of any magnitude many not just cost them a few customers, it will cost them market share, and, possibly, the business entirely. The upshot of all this is fewer and fewer jobs at the lower and entry levels of the economy, where we need them most. Remember, there are explicit barriers to higher-wage jobs, particularly in the public sector, or near-public sector, where seniority, accessibility and exclusivity dominates. As a result, the inequalities and disparities between high-wage employees…