Wash, Lather, Rinse, Repeat: How to properly wash your hands in the kitchen

If you’ve worked in a kitchen before, you’ll know that safety and cleanliness is paramount. Since you are cooking and handling food that you will serve to a customer, proper handwashing techniques are a necessity. Ensuring that your staff adheres to these simple practices can help reduce food contamination risks, such as foodborne illnesses (and help you avoid a bad situation!). Here are some helpful tips, straight out of our Food Safety Code of Practice for Canada’s Foodservice Industry. This handy tool has information regarding health and safety practices, but also helps foodservice operators provide the best and safest environment to their customers. Purchase the Food Safety Code of Practice today! Bacteria and other contaminants are present on hands, especially on the fingertips and under the nail beds. While handwashing may appear as common sense, many food handlers fail to wash their hands thoroughly and as often as needed. If…