Restaurateur Diaries: How to Attract and Keep Staff

Competition for customers has always been fierce, but competition to attract and keep staff might be getting just as tough. In a recent survey conducted by TouchBistro, an iPad POS company, 100 per cent of restaurant owners surveyed said they have struggled to staff their restaurants in the past year, with 88.9 per cent saying that skilled cooks are the hardest positions to fill. On the flip side, TouchBistro also surveyed 100 food and beverage workers about how business owners can improve staff retention. The top three areas where they said improvements can make a difference are company culture (28%), better pay (11%) and employee benefits (6%). What actually works to attract and keep staff? Below are five tips from behind the scenes of two successful Toronto businesses, from two women who will be sharing their insights at the upcoming Industry Sessions hosted by TouchBistro: Kim Montgomery Rawlings, co-owner of Montgomery’s,…