Removing Barriers to Employment for Newcomers and Immigrants

Human rights laws vary between provinces, but all codes address protected grounds for discrimination. These include nationality, ethnic origin, place of origin, colour, race and, in some cases, social origin or social disadvantage. The Canadian Experience Some provinces specifically say it’s discriminatory to require a candidate to have Canadian experience. For example, the Ontario Human Rights Commission says, “Basing hiring and accreditation decisions on whether a person has Canadian experience is not a reliable way to assess a person’s skills or abilities.” Best Practices Review your job application and remove areas that require candidates to disclose the country in which they got their work experience. In your application and interview process, do not refer to race, nationality or place of origin. Develop measures to assess and showcase an individual’s skills or abilities, rather than focussing on where their experience was acquired. Skills can be verified through references, job-related…