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Smart Cities, Smarter Restaurants: Future-proof your operations

By 2050, it is estimated that 70 per cent of the world’s population (of 8 billion) will be living in urban neighbourhoods. To accommodate this growth, global cities are aiming to get smarter. The “Smart Cities” movement has already invested billions in technologies and related services, often categorized as the Internet of Things (IoT). On one hand, this anticipated boom in urban living should present the restaurant industry with substantial opportunities for growth, as smart cities will increasingly rely on foodservice operations to help sustain their growing populations. However, the majority of citizens will be coping with the high cost of living space and other daily realities of urban living; meaning this growth will likely come at a price. Tomorrow’s smart cities will want, or demand through regulation, that smart “connected” restaurants (and other businesses, too)  monitor and manage their resources to minimize their impact on the community. Therefore, in most…