Why Halal Consumers Aren’t Eating at Your Restaurant & Why You Want Them To

We are fortunate to be living in times of unprecedented diversity and inclusiveness. If you own a restaurant, that means your doors are open to anyone with an appetite and a wallet, no matter their ethnic background. You’ve gone to great lengths to make your place appealing to consumers: a well thought out menu, attractive decor, great service, and paid advertising. But, there is still something missing – your offer for Halal consumers. More than likely, consumers adhering to a halal diet are not giving your restaurant their seal of approval…and you aren’t alone. Nourish Food Marketing just released its 5th annual Halal Shopper Study. One of the key findings of the study is that the majority of Muslim shoppers feel the food industry is not meeting their needs. Before I tell you why they aren’t dining with you, let me first tell you why you want them to.  …