Kitchen Tips


Helpful hints to harness the power of your freezer!

All hail the refrigerator! Since its founding, this life-altering invention has helped us keep food for longer – and has ultimately changed how we cook. But as we rely more and more on the fridge and freezer, we’ve come to learn that we can’t expect them to stay preserved indefinitely; foods are at risk of losing quality the longer they are in the freezer.  Through freezing, we can slow the growth of bacteria in food at a higher rate than just refrigeration can do. Shockingly, the frozen food that has been sitting in your freezer has expiry dates as well. If you need a handy guide to help you avoid eating food that has gone bad, or just a good reference guide for freezing your leftover foods, this infographic is a great resource! From breads and desserts (fruit pies, cheesecakes, unbaked breads, etc.) to meat, dairy and even beverages, FreezerLabels.net shares the optimal…