Media Relations


Handling a Press Appearance: How To Make The Most of Every Opportunity

In my last post, we talked about getting the press’ attention, and how to craft a good story pitch. Certainly, at some point, whether are you do the media pitching yourself or have someone else do it for you someone is going to give you a call. Are you ready to maximize your exposure? Determine the needs of the media outlet Being asked to do a demonstration on television or provide a recipe for a newspaper or magazine section may sound exciting, but there is much work to do. For one thing, do not waste any time in responding. All TV producers and print reporters are under demanding deadlines, and if they don’t hear back from you immediately, they’ll the move on to the next person. If a TV producer is interested in having you come on the morning show to make, let’s say, a chipotle shrimp appetizer for a…