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Ending a meal on a healthy note

Dessert is the final course in a dining experience, and the best opportunity for chefs and restaurateurs to make a memorable last impression on guests. While dining out, many Canadians are looking for menu items that are delicious and better for their health – even when it comes to dessert. “Healthy dessert” may sound contradictory, but treats can be part of a healthy, balanced diet (and menu). These nutrition tips and healthy dessert recipe ideas will show you how! In Canada, there is no regulated definition of “healthy” food or “healthy” dessert. Foods that contain high amounts of nutrients while providing a reasonable amount of energy (calories) are usually considered healthy. Many dessert foods such as cakes and pastries tend to fall into the less-healthy category because they are high in calories, fat and added sugars while low in other nutrients, including fibre. You can create healthier desserts by making…