Minimum Wage


Restaurant owners’ top operational challenges

Spending at Canadian restaurants is on the rise. According to Statistics Canada, the average household spent almost $2,600 on food purchased from restaurants—an increase of more than 17% increase over four years. And Restaurants Canada projected full service and quick service restaurants to report nearly $64 billion in sales last year. While this is good news for restaurants, they still face a number of challenges: an increase in labour costs, finding and keeping employees, remaining profitable, and complications related to bookkeeping and payroll. One of the largest expenses for any restaurant is labour. Across Canada, minimum wage costs have soared. In Alberta, for example, the adult minimum wage has jumped more than 50% between 2014 and 2019. And in Ontario, minimum wage has jumped almost 37% over the same period of time. The strong economy is making it even more difficult to find workers in certain provinces and even some…