Mother’s day


Spring Holidays: 5 Ways to Drive Success

Maximize holiday sales, guest counts and customer satisfaction with these tips for navigating Easter, Mother’s Day and beyond. Mother’s Day is the restaurant industry’s second-busiest day of the year according to OpenTable. And Easter likely isn’t far behind. With so many potential customers, you want to do everything you can to maximize sales. So we turned to our internal experts for tips on driving business during these spring holidays—and beyond. 1. Be strategic Make sure you have a plan. Write everything down, and start early; the post-Christmas lull is a great time to start strategizing for Easter, Mother’s Day and other spring events. Many restaurants do buffets on Easter and Mother’s Day because it turns tables quicker, but it’s hard to do buffets well if you don’t do them all the time. Consider a brunch instead to create a sense of occasion and extend serving hours. 2. Spread the word…