The Day of the Mushroom

The Day of the Mushroom: An ode to the mighty mushroom Are you what people might call a fun guy? This past Saturday, April 16th, is officially known as The Day of the Mushroom! And if that’s not reason enough to celebrate your favourite fungus then consider some of these surprising and interesting facts you may not have known about this delicious, and sometimes downright weird, food item: One of the best known qualities about mushrooms: they’re a great source of vitamin D. Mushrooms that grow with exposure to sunlight generate this vitamin that supports calcium absorption and strong bones. Even regular retail mushrooms at your local grocery can pack over 20% of your daily vitamin D intake. Mushrooms are also highly rich in antioxidants and minerals, for a healthy heart and immune system. Reporting last year in December, the Nation’s Restaurant News predicted that mushrooms would take centre stage…