An Appetite for Rewards – Recognizing Your Diners with Personalized Promotions

Restaurant and dining loyalty rewards programs have come a long way from the one-per-visit punch card days… or have they? According to the recent “Shifting Loyalties in Canada” report, which studied shopper and diner behaviours across the nation, only 20% of Canadian consumers have active restaurant loyalty memberships and rewards — compared to 77% for the grocery sector and 41% for convenience retail. For restaurateurs, this represents a missed opportunity, not only to engage with guests and increase their loyalty, but to gather important data that can drive a more profitable business. Yet getting loyalty right isn’t only about motivating someone’s next visit to your establishment. It’s about knowing who your patrons are and creating valuable rewards that result in meaningful (and memorable!) experiences with your restaurant brand. Understanding who your customers are goes beyond recognizing their name… it’s knowing things like: How often they visit, on which days…