Quebeckers Vote for Change from Business As Usual

The Coalition Avenir Quebec’s sweep to power on Oct. 1 is being welcomed as good news for the province’s foodservice sector — although some concerns remain around the party’s plans for immigration. A Strong Vote for Change Quebeckers delivered a decisive victory to the CAQ, which secured more than 70 seats in the provincial legislature. Meanwhile, the two major parties, which have traditionally governed the province over the past 50 years, each suffered historic losses: the Liberals lost more than half their 68 seats, dropping down to 32, while the Parti Québécois lost its official party status, after managing to hang onto only 9 seats. PQ Leader Jean-François Lisée immediately announced his resignation after losing his own seat. Liberal Leader and outgoing premier Philippe Couillard said he intends to reflect on his own future. What this Means for the Future of Foodservice in Quebec With a majority government, CAQ Leader…