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Replacing Plastic Straws and Other Single-Use Items

If you’ve ordered a drink at a restaurant or bar lately, there’s a good chance it was missing something you might have been expecting — a straw. The shift away from plastic straws has been spreading around the world at an incredible pace, including across Canada, where a number of foodservice businesses are replacing plastic straws with a paper alternative for customers who request one. Helping their patrons cut down on waste from straws and other single-use items is just one way that restaurants and other foodservice businesses are reducing their environmental footprint. Nine out of 10 respondents to the most recent quarterly Restaurant Outlook Survey from Restaurants Canada said they plan to continue or increase their current level of environmentally sustainable operations over the next three years. (In related news, “single-use” was just named the Collins Dictionary word of the year for 2018, following a four-fold increase in usage of this…