In Honour of #Canada150: 5 Minutes with Renee Lavallee

When it comes to household names in Halifax, Renee Lavellee is definitely one of them. Owner of The Canteen, located in Dartmouth, NS, Renee has been the spokesperson for a number culinary brands and organizations including Taste of Nova Scotia, Select Nova Scotia, Community Food Centres Canada, Dairy Farmers’ of Canada and more. During this year’s RC Show Canada, and in honour of Canada 150, we spent some time with Renee and learned a little about what she believes Canadian cooking means to her. In your own words, what does Canadian cuisine mean to you? It is seasonal, locally inspired and very personal. We are such a large and diverse country that “Canadian” cuisine could mean so many things. For me? Its what I ate everyday as a kid growing up in Quebec. What’s your go-to Canadian ingredient? And why? Coming from Quebec, it would have to be maple syrup. and fiddleheads..my mom always had…