5 Innovative Trends Showcased at RC Show 2018

This year’s Restaurants Canada Show –  AKA RC show – was about innovation and future trends. From maki making robots to virtual reality, from to vegan jerky to Ontario shrimp, from cannabis to sustainable farming; the future of the foodservice industry was displayed through a variety of innovative products and unique concepts. Many of these innovative products made it into the news after the show, which means it’s only a matter of time until they make their way into your restaurant. Are you ready? NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS No it is not a trend, it is reality: 85 % of Canadians don’t order alcohol with meals for various reasons. And while their friends might be cheering with an exciting cocktail, the non-alcoholic drinkers are often left with blend options. To tap into this market, Seedlip created the first even alcohol-free distilled spirit, bringing all the complex flavours that are crucial to virgin cocktails, including…