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10 Reasons why Restaurants Fail and how to Avoid Them

The restaurant industry is notoriously difficult. Research from Ohio State University showed that that 60 per cent of restaurants fail within their first three years, and 80 per cent fail within their first five. The numbers paint a stark picture of an industry where it’s tough to succeed, but what they don’t show is why restaurants fail. There are many, many reasons behind the statistics, and every restaurant is a unique case. But we’ve gathered 10 major factors that can make or break a restaurant, as well as the solutions restaurateurs can implement to avoid these pitfalls. Reason 1: You chose the wrong location for your restaurant You know what they say in real estate: Location, location, location. The spot you pick can make or break your restaurant’s success. Think about all the factors that could cause problems for your restaurant, like: Not getting enough foot traffic Being far away…