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Market Your Restaurant with Pokemon GO

Market Your Restaurant with Pokemon GO Either you’re totally hooked on this game, or you cringe at the zombie-like people who are playing it. Whichever side you’re on, I get it; I understand the nostalgia, I understand the excitement, I understand why people are playing. As the biggest mobile game in history, it’s all about the feeling of accomplishment on practically every city corner… which may just be in the location of your restaurant. There are many advantages to marketing your establishment with this phenomenal game that has become an international frenzy, surpassing the daily number of Twitter users in just a month. I have put together a few tips on marketing strategies that hone in on the wacky game of Pokemon GO! Stay on top of restaurant marketing trends by subscribing to our newsletter! So what is it? You probably have an idea. Finding Pokémon. What are Pokémon? Apparently it is short for ‘pocket monsters’. You may also remember it…