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ASK THE EXPERT: Formula for making money

You can get rich in the restaurant business or you can lose it all. Despite the risks, most operators in Canada make a decent living at it. Restaurants Canada is reporting $677,600 in average unit sales for all restaurant segments combined in 2016. At the average, a Canadian operator earns approximately $48,800 in cash flow based on the margins reported in the most recent Restaurants Canada Foodservice Operations Report. Cash flow of $48,800 does not sound like much, but it’s not as bad as it looks: It is the cash generated after paying the salary of the operator It is the middle of the pack; many operators do better It is after paying franchisors for the value they add, and Average sales include many small, limited-service operations where running more than one unit is part of the business model There is money to be made in the restaurant business – there surely must be…