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Is Your Job Posting Inclusive

Why is it important to ensure your job posting is inclusive? Because it prevents you from: Breaking human rights laws, and Excluding good candidates, who would otherwise not see or consider the posting.   What is inclusive language? It’s against human rights laws to exclude candidates based on grounds such as race, gender, age, disability, sexuality, and creed/faith, among others. When you post a job ad, think about the qualifications required, and include only those that are actually needed to perform the job. Here’s an example of a non-inclusive ad, and an inclusive ad for the same position: P/T male dishwasher required for large venue kitchen. Strong, young person needed for heavy manual labour. Evening/weekend availability a must. Should be changed to: P/T dishwasher required for large venue kitchen. Must be able to safely lift 60 lbs. Extended periods of standing, walking, bending, and kneeling. Evening/weekend availability a must. …