Generation Z is here: Are they Millennials 2.0 or a Whole New Breed of Consumer?

So, you thought millennials were adept at shifting the focus squarely on their needs? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The leading-edge young adults of Generation Z are graduating high school, and some are already into college and university. They are driven to achieve in education and careers, and because of their vast numbers, they’re poised to shake the pillars of commerce right down to their foundations. Who are these budding world-changers? What do they want and why do they want it? Let’s dig in to discover Gen Z and look at how they’re going to change the way your foodservice business operates, and the way it’s marketed From pre-school to post-secondary While the exact chronological parameters of Generation Z haven’t been nailed down yet, the best approximation spans about 20 years, placing them between the ages of four and 24, give or take. Though their spending power hasn’t fully matured…