All You Need To Know Before Starting To Schedule 2018s Staff

As 2017 wraps up, there is no slowing down for Canadian restaurateurs. The holiday season is already in full swing, and if the latest Canadian spending research is accurate restaurants should be packed with patrons. Before you head off on a long-deserved holiday, however, you should start thinking about how to schedule 2018s staff and what you’ll need to do differently next year to continue to be successful. One of the most important areas to focus in on is labour costs. Aside from being one of the largest expenses in any restaurant operation, the dual pressures of rising labour costs thanks to increases in minimum wages and a shrinking labour pool mean your conventional scheduling practices might not cut it next year. In order to arm Canadian restaurateurs with what they need to know about scheduling and labour, 7shifts – a leading restaurant employee scheduling app – has crunched the numbers…