Spring Vegetables


5 Spring Vegetables Your Menu Needs

5 Spring Vegetables You’ll Want On Your Menu Each morning you can hear them: the sounds of spring are finally here and coming through your window, hailing a fresh new season of singing birds, sunshine and absolutely no frozen precipitation left to frost over everything until late September. That means prime-planting season has returned in Canada, and amateur growers everywhere are tilling the earth and prepping greenhouses in anticipation of another juicy haul of spring vegetables. Growing your own can be extremely fulfilling, but if your thumb isn’t green and you’re buying all your own produce, you can still save more money buying what’s in season. This can help your bottom line AND help spruce up your menu, just in time for spring! Need a quick refresher on which are in-season at this time of year? We’ve got you covered. Rhubarb This delicious addition to sauces, compotes and pies grows…