Three Tips to Improve Customer Experience with E-Commerce

Digital technologies are transforming almost every industry and impacting the way many businesses operate. The foodservice sector is not immune. Driven primarily by millennials, guests want to interact with restaurants in increasingly virtual ways, but still expect excellent customer service. They’re more willing to turn away from long lines or slow checkouts, which means lost business that ultimately affects the bottom line. In response to these changing consumer behaviours, the onset of the digital economy and the ubiquity of the mobile device, restaurateurs are increasingly focussing on making customer experiences faster, more intuitive and more convenient. Foodservice businesses are adopting a wide variety of technological innovations in an effort to adapt, with eateries going cashless, self-serve kiosks enabling personalized orders, an increasing number of quick-service restaurants offering online and mobile ordering, and a growing number of meal delivery services cropping up across the country. How can restaurateurs ensure that the…