Restaurant Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

The restaurant industry processes billions in credit and debit card transactions each year. While these everyday interactions literally mean money in the bank for businesses, they also open them up to cyber attacks that can have devastating consequences for their reputations and their bottom lines. As demand continues to grow for e-commerce and other digital technologies to facilitate and enhance dining experiences, foodservice businesses and their customers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. That’s why Restaurants Canada recently launched a partnership with cybersecurity provider Cyberisk Chek Inc. to give foodservice operators a way to defend their businesses from an inevitable attack. Is your business prepared? Most Canadian companies are overconfident and unprepared when it comes to protecting information from cyber attacks because they tend to have an incomplete or inadequate picture about the complex and evolving challenges that they face, according to cybersecurity experts. In a recent study, 84…