Terroir Symposium


The Importance of Terroir – an Economic and Cultural Value

The Terroir Symposium was April’s must-attend event in Canada. Whether you are in the foodservice industry or not, in Canada or not, curious about local or not, the Terroir Symposium is a unique chance to learn from thought-leaders, visionaries and influencers about the power of terroir and its three pillars that brings us all together: generosity, excellence and authenticity. So of course, Menu Magazine and Restaurants Canada went! But let me back up for a second. What is Terroir? It is the complete natural environment in which a particular produce is grown and includes factors such as the soil, topography, and climate. In other words, terroir is what makes your product truly unique. What a great selling feature right? Well, this is precisely why this year’s symposium was all about Terroirnomics – a.k.a. the economy around terroir. And there is a strong and growing economy around the truly local products…