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4 Things Chef Steve Gonzalez Learned While Building Baro’s Outdoor Kitchen & Patio Space

It took Chef Steve Gonzalez and his team at downtown Toronto’s Baro about three years to formulate and build their newest addition the restaurant – an outdoor kitchen on their rooftop patio overlooking the city. Chef Gonzalez set out to create the feeling that a customer had been transported to an exotic locale in Latin America without ever having to step off of the King Street streetcar line. In addition to the open-air space that seats 85, there is an enclosed glass patio area that features a sleek bar with seating for 35. As you arrive, if you look to your left, you’ll find the chef busy BBQ’ing. Inspired by his travels to Uruguay and Argentina where he witnessed the bustling markets, and hawker stalls cook street food, Chef Gonzalez decided to bring this experience back to Baro. To best convey the authentic feel he wants, the outdoor kitchen space…