Culinary Tourism 101: The Basics

During your last holiday, or even the last time you went out for dinner, how many of you took pictures of food, markets or culinary-related images? According to various studies, more than 50% of the population takes pictures of their food, and if you are a millennial, that figure jumps to almost 70%! Sharing stories of travel and food is becoming more and more prevalent, which explains why, according to UNWTO’s Gastronomy Network Action Plan, over 88% of destinations are considering gastronomy as a strategic element in their image and brand. That means that almost 9 out of 10 countries, cities and regions are fighting for the same customers not only in our own markets, but with destinations around the world too. This makes for a very crowded playing field! So, how do you differentiate your business or region from your competitors whether they’re around the corner, or around the world? …