Valentine’s Day


Surviving the Storm of Seasonal Staffing

The holiday season is undoubtedly one of the busiest periods for the hospitality industry. But it is not the only one: Winterlicious, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Patio season, Easter –  you name it! Whether you’re a small restaurant, large bar or busy caterer, you’re acutely aware that ‘tis often the season for food, drink and merriment, and there is no doubt you are trying to survive the storm of seasonal staffing. While it’s never bad to be busy, the seasonality for the hospitality industry presents unique challenges not faced by other industries experiencing an increase in traffic. This is particularly true when it comes to staffing. In retail, you’ll be busy on Black Friday, swamped every Saturday, and in crisis Christmas Eve. You can project sales figures, anticipate product demand, and rely on a myriad of information and insight about the labour market. There’s a predictability that ensures calm…