Workplace Safety


5 Self-Care Tips for Working in Foodservice

Working in the foodservice industry means you’re working in a bustling work environment where you get to create delicious food, be surrounded by like-minded coworkers, and take in the exciting nightlife. However, working in such a non-stop, whirlwind environment can start to take its toll.  Fortunately, we can do something about the fatigue and discomfort we may see from logging in the (oftentimes) over eight hours on the floor or in the kitchen. Working in restaurants will always be hard work, but we can mitigate it and create solutions to perform and feel better.  Here’s five self-care tips that can help you get through your workday in foodservice: 1) Sleep can be one of the largest performance boosters  Sleep not only  gives us energy for our day, it also helps boost our immune system, promote tissue repair, and boost our cognitive potential. I know I’ve made the most mistakes on…